Thursday, March 28, 2013

Phoneme Segmentation Game

These students love practicing their phoneme segmentation by choosing the correct number of flowers for each basket. I found these baskets in Dollar Tree's luau section. I cut up one of their posters for the pictures on the baskets. The colorful flowers were called "table scatter" and even the metal tin came from Dollar Tree. Everything fits nicely in the tin and can be stored for many years to come.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

PB & J Antonym Match

Dollar Tree had these cute peanut butter and jelly die cuts (I believe 12 of each in the package). I also bought an antonym poster and, once again, began cutting up the poster to make a game! This really saves on my colored ink in my printer!! Instant matching game!

"Eggs"ellent Short Vowel Sorting

Found these adorable little handled boxes from Dollar Tree (look like Chinese take out)  I also bought a short vowel poster and just began cutting it up!  I added the vowels to the boxes and laminated the pictures on to some brightly colored card stock that I cut out into egg shapes. Hopefully the kids with enjoy vowel sorting as they collect their Easter eggs in the baskets!

Always excited to find clever ways to store these activities I make - metal tins are one of my favorite things to use to store games!

Bloom's Taxonomy in Full Bloom

The pinwheels from Dollar Tree - many different ones to choose from!

Added "Starter questions" based from Bloom's Taxonomy on each petal. Students will spin the flower and answer a question from the petal the stick aligns with. These questions match our posters hanging on the wall. This is great for reading comprehension, as well as, speaking and listening standards!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dollar Tree Finds - Spring is in the Air

I found some wonderful items today that are going to make great center games! Here's a pic of all the awesome stuff!