Sunday, March 29, 2015

I LOVE spring time!

I would have to say that the last nine weeks is definitely my favorite time of the year. Not just because my students are at mastery level in many skills and WAY more independent (although this is still worth a HALLELUJAH!), but because I LOVE the spring themes that we teach. I begin April with weather and usually some Easter stuff. Then I cover plants, insects, dinosaurs, and ocean. That's really all that there is time for and that's cramming as much fun and educational stuff in as possible.

Have you guys seen these cute little carrot eggs at Dollar Tree? They are perfect for placing a picture card and letters in for building words.

This is just one of the games included in my Spring Bundle. There is a SMART board version of this also. The student clicks on a carrot to reveal the picture and using the "fridge magnets" to build the word.

This bundle can be found HERE!

I've also whipped up a freebie that you might enjoy! My students need some extra work on identifying middle vowel sounds, so why not make an Easter egg sort for this week. Click on the pic to get yours!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dramatic Play - Pet Vet

I have mentioned before that this is the first year that I have actually placed FOCUS on my dramatic play center. I began the year with the Kinder Cafe.

Then I changed it to a Doctor's Office.

Then I changed it to a Bakery.

And now it's the Kinder Pet Vet! I'm so excited to see their faces when they see their new theme! My co-workers grandson is in my class and he got to see a glimpse of it one day over spring break. He said "This is really fun and I like the name Pet Vet. It rhymes you now." lol It was a goal of mine to add more literacy and math aspects into this center. So many teachers struggle with their administrators not allowing dramatic play. Well, now you have some great points to argue  discuss. Students will be using the scales and cubes to measure height, length, and weight on the pet. They will also sign in writing their name and writing the time. They will also go through the checklists (grooming and medical) and recording their services. Lastly, they will complete the appointment summary by using the vocabulary cards displayed in the pocket chart.


You can find this bundle of FUN here!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Fairy Tales and a FREEBIE!!

So we began our unit on Fairy Tales this week. We read the 3 Little Pigs and then Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. These two books are perfect to do together in one week and then do some comparing and contrasting! I have created a bundle FULL of different activities that go along with these two stories. 60 pages of printables and 34 pages of SMART board fun!

You can get this bundle HERE!

How about a freebie Friday?? 
This is the ABC Order activities that are included in the bundle. Hope you enjoy!

Get your freebie HERE!

Read Across America Week

I haven't posted about Read Across America week yet, but it was absolutely fabulous. (even had a snow day in there) I was in charge of decorating the bulletin board in our Kindergarten pod and, thanks to Pinterest, I went with Seuss' ABC book theme. The kids did great on their letter artwork!

One hit with the kiddos were the QR codes for online readings of Dr. Seuss books. This is the first time that I have introduced QR codes this year and they did great using them.